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                 We are the family of four, Natasha or Mom, Justin or Dad, our daughter Cassidy(28 months) and son Aleks (1year old). Presently I live in USA, Utah, but I spent most of my life in Ukraine, Donetsk. For now, I'm stay at home Mom, and I enjoy my time with children very much.

        I strongly believe that children in general and especially in early age (till 6 years old) have a huge potential for learning about pretty much anything. Because of that I also believe that as a parent I have responsibilities to help my children to receive as many opportunities for the early learning in different fields, as I'm able to. Don't take me wrong, to make my children "baby geniuses" is not my goal, I just want to give them more chances in life to find themselves. I have my own life experience, that helped me a lot, and for which I'm very grateful to my Mom. I grew up in the former Soviet Union and my first language is Russian. When I was 5 years old my Mom enrolled me in  preschool English language program  where we were learning words, phrases, nursery rhymes and songs. The program lasted about  7 months, but I still remember a lot of that  now, and it made my learning of English language later in life (starting from the fourth grade in school) much easier.  

                      I created this website because I would like to share my ideas and experiences about early learning in the family, with others. I found a lot of useful materials over the Internet and hope you'll find some of them useful for you as well.   


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