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Russian English

Here are some learning games that were tested by my daughter and found to be interesting .*

*All the games here are free to download and free for the further (noncommercial) distribution

Keyboardbangers age 0-2

 (for children who can't use the mouse yet, but love to pound on your keyboard)

"Fishtank"Screensaver type, blocks all the Windows keys, so the child can't do any damage to your files while playing. Very simple action: hit any key and the fish appears, swimming through the screen,  also very nice music background. There are two options - fishtank and flower garden.
"Time for Toddlers"Learn your ABCs and 123s. Nice and Easy Educational game.
"Baloons"Different color balloons appear as your child presses keys
JungleLearn names and sounds of the different animals in english, also letter and number keys
TrainScreensaver type, train with the basic geometric shapes and colors. You can change shapes with the mouse click, also start rain from the click on the cloud and hear the train whisle.
Educational games for children age 2-5

(require some mouse skills)

ABCSimple English alphabet.
PlayroomLearn to tell time, names and sounds of some musical instruments and couple simple songs
Kelsie's abcsLetters, numbers, shapes, colors and a chalkboard for drawing, all in a fun manner!
"Drawing for children"Draw with paint or pencil, use ready made patterns, stamps and backgrounds. Fun and easy!
"Musical symbols tetris"Play tetris with musical symbols.
"Musical instruments"Learn to recognize different groups of musical instruments by their sound.


Cool free games: Letter mashine - learn english alphabet                              

Sebran - about 10 games inside

100 American Street Signs in Russian (follow the arrow there), + really good tutorial for Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet Tutorial
Fun Learning game "Russian Alphabet" you can download for free (to turn it off press Ctrl+F4). Created by Victor Kushnir

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